Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thoughts from the 11/13 meeting

Aloha all!
It's been a pretty good year for HPS. We now have this site to make use of the weeks between meetings, did some group shoots, had some great shows, and gained some interesting new members. Not bad!

So to maintain this momentum, let's get thinking on what's up for the next year now that we have these new tool and new ideas at hand. With no meeting set for December, we can communicate through here and when we see each other to take down the Puahi Exhibit.

I'm looking forward to the computer lab training with Alvin at HCC to get us up and talking on the web. This can work toward all of us getting more out of our group and taking some of the work load off our officers shoulders. If you wish to participate, either to learn or to help others come onto the light, keep in thouch as we settle on the date.

I would like to thank Lytha, Michelle, Alvin, Amy, Maureen, Stan, Mrs. Lau, Ceylon, and everyone else I failed to mention, for all the effort this year. With photography enjoying a bit of a renaissance, fueled by technology, we can look forward to great things.

So think about what HPS is for you, and, where you would like it go. I welcome your ideas for future meeting topics, let me hear from you. As a group, we seem to have a fairly broad range of intrests and experiences to share among us and I look forward to using this blog as a forum for sharing them.

Much Aloha, Nick

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