Monday, April 14, 2008

Macro / Close Up Photography Field Trip

Hola Everyone!

The Marco Photography Field trip is a "GO!" for this coming weekend:

When: Saturday, April 19th. @ 1 PM

Where: For a Walkabout in Chinatown area and beyond, meet in front of Little Village Noodle House on Smith St.

What to Bring: Camera, Macro lens if you have one, another fav lens (for other interesting shots you may want to capture), and lots of film/memory cards. Feel free to bring your tripod also if you plan on shooting wide open apertures (narrow DoF) and don't have a steady hand.

Parking: There is a municipal lot off Beretania (near the Honolulu Park Place condo) and another one on Smith St (near Nimitz) that are fairly inexpensive.

There are lots of interesting items to photograph close up - trinkets in stores, flowers in lei shops, ornaments on doors and walls, etc. If some folks are interested in meeting a little earlier for lunch (@ noon), let me know and we can grab a bite to eat at the Maunakea Market Place or at Little Village.

See you then!
terraphotography ("at") gmail ("dot") com

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