Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Century Ride Photo Shoot

This Sunday!
The Honolulu Century Ride will put about 3,000 cyclists on the road early this Sunday between Kapiolani Park and Swanzy Beach park. Riders of all levels, pro level and kids on bmx, will be out. Some will go the full 100 miles, most will do a fraction of that. The course will take them along the coast, through Waimanalo, Kailua, Kaneohe, and up past Kualoa with lots of beautiful scenes to work that long lens on. There will be aid stations along the route where riders will recharge and relieve, and mount back on. 
So, if you find yourself with some time and care to catch a few images of some aspects of the event, please feel free to bring them to the next meeting. The image above was taken from my "bar cam ", a waterproof p&s clamped to my handle bar during the ride. ( I'm sure some of us could do better work than this! ) I will be working on the ride this year, setting some of the signs and cleaning up, and yes, with my Nikon at my side. ( One of these years I will ride it again!) 
Looking forward to some results, maybe with blue in them!


KEONI said...

Hey Nick,

Nice shot! Will you be participating in this event and can you suggest some of the better locations we can set up our tripod mounted cameras along the route.

Is it possible to give me an ETA when and where you expect to be at any given time? If so I'll try to capture some images of you as you approach and pass by.

John Kim

KEONI said...

John, I will not be in the ride, rather I'm volunteering to be putting up the directional signs and hauling stuff back from the aid stations. The route goes along the ocean side over Diamond Head, to Kalanianiole, through Hawaii Kai, inland to Sandy Beach, along the coast to Waimanalo, into Kailua, and out along Kam hiway to Swanzey. ( and back ) Lots of good scenery all along the way, take your pick!