Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday Puppy Shoot


Last Saturday's puppy showing was a big success for the interested adopters and the photographers present. All the puppies were spoken for and sold to each of the prospective adopters who came to inspect and play with each puppy.

The pictures taken of the little children first meeting and playing with their new found furry friends were absolutely precious. We also have terrific images of the pups' parents as they cautiously kept tabs on their offspring and kept them safe and out of trouble with the larger dogs in the park.

Because of requests by members who were not able to be there on Saturday and the new families who adopted the puppies I'm bringing the puppies to the new Hawaii Kai Dog Park this Sunday at 2:30 PM until about 5:30 PM.

The Hawaii Kai Dog Park is on Keahole St., across the Towne Center and shares the same parking lot as the Park And Ride terminal. There is also a "Small Dog Enclosure" within the park for owners who wish to isolate their small dogs from the large ones in the main area. We may be in there too if the situation dictates.

If anyone would like to attend this Sunday's event please email me at or so we can make the necessary arrangements.

The Hawaii Kai Dog Park is also ADA Wheel Chair Accessible, unlike the Kaimuki Bark Park.


John Min-Kim

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