Monday, November 3, 2008

November Meeting Announcement

Program: Mr. Willy Aona, Lightroom (continuation from October meeting)

Place: Makiki Recreational Park, 1527 Keeaumoku Street, Administration Building.
Date: Since the second Tuesday in November falls on Veterans Day, we are rescheduling our meeting to Tuesday November 18th.
Time: 6:30 – 8:30p.m.

In his own words:
I have been a photographer since the late 70's and went digital in 2006. I am not a professional photographer just a photo enthusiast. I have used Photoshop from version 7 to the present version of CS3. I fell in love with Lightroom about a year ago when I met a professional photographer who loved Lightroom and had a work flow pretty much like mine.
I learned Lightroom in one evening watching three video tutorials by Michael Tapes and have been learning more and more since that time. I also have a web site on photography at

Adobe Lightroom belong in the new photo editing family of non-distructive photo editing. You can now also edit JPG's in Lightroom with out loss of original data.
The Lightroom presentation will focus on the following:1. Downloading your photos in Lightroom2. Critique your photos using Lightroom3. Editing your photos in Lightroom and possibly Lightroom interacting in Photoshop4. Print using Lightroom meaning create export files, slideshow, web galleries and hard copy.

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