Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aloha Members and Guests,

After an EOH meeting I went home and resumed taking our grand dam's temperature as I was every 6 hours earlier. Nikita's temperature finally had dropped below 100° indicating delivery within 4 hours or so.

The following morning, 3/24/09, at 6:03 am Nikita went into labor until the last of 5 pups entered the world in record time for us. Mom, and her 5 babies are in good health with the pups feeding insatiably and taking their long puppy naps. We'll determine gender in a few days as I want them to enjoy an uninterrupted initial weaning with mommy for now.

A week after their first vaccination shots, worming, and vet exam I'll announce their coming out debut to the HPS and EOH members. Like the last times those who attend will have the opportunity to take photos of the cute little puppies as they see, smell, experience, and
feel grass under their tiny paws for the very first time.

The pups' parents will be present to proudly watch and protect their babies. The same amount of qualified, prospective adopters will also be invited to meet, study, play and interact with each puppy after patiently waiting for this momentous event.

Current images and the gender of each puppy will be posted shortly.


John Kim

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