Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hi Everyone,

As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 is about to begin I'd like to extend a message of deep appreciation and thanks to all of Hawaii Photographic Society’s members.

Special thanks to my hard working officers, committee members and others:

Secretary - Erick Tsukiyama is working on finalizing our Facebook page.  Treasurer - Sunshine Choe worked hard, but had to resign because of a sudden move to China.  1st Vice President and Treasurer for the second half of the year - Amy Nozawa took on two positions to keep HPS running smoothly.  2nd Vice President - Lytha Conquest, in addition to her regular duties helped with the Portfolio slide show.  Advisor - Maureen Chun, chaired the Portfolio committee and worked hard with Stanley Chun. 

Celia, Shun Wah, Jordan, Ceylon, Chiye, Audrey, Janet, Stanley, Ryan, and Cliff for their help throughout the year.  And lastly to all the members for their participation and fellowship.

Special thanks to Cora for her hard work on the centerpieces, Keith who donated prizes, and Lytha  for arranging the menu at our Christmas Party.

Introduction of 2013 Officers and Committees:
President: Stanley Chun
1st VP: Keith Kurahashi
2nd VP: Amy Nozawa
Treasurer: Cora Ushijima
Secretary: Erick Tsukiyama

Program Committee: Erick Tsukiyama, Lytha Conquest and Michelle Kono
Outing Committee: Erick Tsukiyama
Contest Committee: Celia Doo
IT Committee: Lytha Conquest and Jordan Ige

To you and your family, please have a very safe and joyous Holiday season.

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