Monday, May 6, 2013

May HPS Meeting Announcement

Hawaii Photographic Society Meeting
Date and Time: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 6:00-8:00pm
Place: Makiki District Park

Speaker: Ms. Lytha Conquest
Presentation on cutting mattes and framing photographs

Lytha Conquest has been photographing the ocean realm for many years, both as a part of her career as a marine biologist and as a major past time.  Her photographs were well received by other underwater photographers at photography meetings, but remained archived until she joined HPS.  The opportunities afforded by HPS to exhibit in galleries and major public places also brought forth the realities of having her photographs framed.

While there are excellent commercial framers in Honolulu, the prices can also be quite high. Ready-made mats and frames are an option, but force the finished piece to adhere to predetermined sizes, colors and styles. Lytha bought a simple matte cutter and began framing her own pieces. It was a learning experience, but was quite useful for framing her first solo exhibit in 2006.

Being able to cut the mats and assemble the finished piece can be much more affordable, especially if framing and entire show. Another rewarding aspect is being able to finish the creation process from taking the photograph to turning it into a piece of art, appreciated by others.

In Lytha’s presentation on framing, she will discuss the various options for framing and also the do-it-yourself costs vs. having pieces commercially done.  She will also demonstrate cutting mattes and assembling the photographs and mattes into finished pieces ready to hang.

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