Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let's think green

Aloha shooters!
Our recent meeting had us thinking about image sharing and other ways we can grow together as a group. We seem to be a rather diverse bunch with lots of ways to see a given subject. So one way to observe our unique vision is to bring in images from a broad subject. This time let's bring in an green image. Not so much in the tree hugging, or vegetarian, or money making sense. I mean green in the chromatic sense. Any subject, any time, any shade. If you have the means to produce this while avoiding your car, eating a salad, or making a buck, go for it! Let's avoid the slapping on of a green filter, optical or digital, and look for green subjects. One can hardly point a camera in this place and not get something green. While thinking about this, open your mind to other things we can do as a group. What would you like to do to make your work better? What sort of subjects do you want to explore? Is there some challenge you face when shooting you would like some input on? We have many years of photography experience to draw upon and we can grow together in this wonderful medium.
So there, you have an assignment. Go forth and bring in something green!
Aloha, Nick

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