Saturday, September 6, 2008

WinKim Kennels Puppy Photo Shoot

Aloha Again,

Our puppies are having their vaccinations this Monday, 9/09/08. For the convenience of the HPS members I'm offering these dates for the puppy photo shoot:

Sat-Sun, 9/13-14/08
Sat-Sun, 9/20-21/08

The most accessible and appropriate location is the Kaimuki Bark Park. The Bark Park is located near HCC at the corner of 18th Avenue and Diamond Head Road adjacent to Diamond Head Mortuary. Ample parking is available across both streets. It's a dedicated, enclosed, off leash dog park where dogs can run and play with their friends to their hearts' content.

To take advantage of the dogs' dazzling, pure white fur in the sunlight, as well as to maximize the photographer's subdued daylight preferences, the puppies will be available from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM. These hours should allow the photographers to utilize a varied natural lighting spectrum.

The Japanese Spitz' coat is not actually white, but composed of an opaque, translucent fur with silver tips. This in mind, our experience has shown the use of circular polarizers, and other creative filters will produce some very interesting results when shooting in natural daylight.

Our dogs are, by nature, exceptionally photogenic. When the adults see a camera they "put on the ritz," and the latent "ham" in them emerges. On the other hand, puppies, like little children, may take a bit of patience and understanding when photographing them.

All in all, however, I'm sure the puppy shoot will be a fun and productive event for everyone. It's not often one has the chance to witness a litter of pups discover their amazing new world for the first time.

Please get together and decide on the one best date you'd like me to present the puppies.


John Min-Kim


Aloha Friends,

We are happy to announce we're the proud grandparents of five healthy female Japanese Spitz puppies who were born beginning 11:57 PM, 7/27/08.

After the first little lady emerged, her second sister got "stuck at the door" so grandpa, John, donned his sterile latex gloves, applied the KY gel, and proceeded to assist mommy, Nikita, extract the stubborn little gal. After we helped her out the "door" the remainder of her sisters proceeded to emerge with the last popping out at 3:27 AM, 7/28/08.

I'm taking the puppies for their first vaccination shots next week. A week after their shots I'll announce the "Coming Out" debut for the five little ladies and their parents. HPS members will be invited to a rare opportunity to photograph the puppies. Their beautiful, pure white, fluffy fur is spectacular in the sunlight. Those present will be able to capture the pups' hilarious antics as they discover the outdooors, grass, dirt, and fallen leaves for the very first time since being born. The pups' innocent expression of awe and bewilderment of their big, new world is absolutely precious when captured by camera.

The opportunity to photograph the dam, Nikita, and her sire, Youngbun, will also be present. The regal and handsome appearance of both parents as they proudly watch their offspring is yet another special "Kodak Moment" for the photographers present.

We do not permit our dogs to be photographed without our express written approval. This time, however, an exception is being made limited to my HPS guests. The reason is some of our dogs' unique images fall under our intellectual property and certain rights have, in several cases, been sold to commercial interests.

For those who aren't familiar with the breed, Japanese Spitz are the result of mating the Siberian Husky, American Eskimo, and the Samoyed in prewar Japan specifically for miniaturization, as well as to maintain the excellent genetic characteristics of the three.

Listed by ARBA as a rare breed, the dogs enjoy a popular demand to own them. Their breed standard describes them having a beautiful pure white coat with their fluffy tails always held curled over their bodies. Males weigh less than 18 pounds and the females less than 14. They stand less than 14 inches at the withers. Their distinct jawline gives them a perpetual smile which illustrates their always cheerful mood. It has also given them the nickname, "Smiley." Japanese Spitz eyes are bright and alert. A black eyeliner appearance borders their almond shaped eyes and a pair of attractive eyelashes grace the eyelids. Japanese Spitz represent an extremely handsome dog who always manage to receive repeated looks of admiration from dog enthusiasts, as well as from strangers.

Their canine ancestors lived in the same igloos and shelters as their arctic masters, the Aleuts, Inuits, Eskimos, and the Samoyed people for both warmth and companionship. DNA has also indicated these dogs and their resulting progeny, the Japanese Spitz, to be the closest domestic canines related to the arctic Wolf.

They pulled heavily loaded sleds as their masters hunted and migrated long distances. Living under these harsh arctic conditions instilled in the dogs their incredible strength and endurance. Another genetic quality acquired by the Japanese Spitz is, wet or dry, they have absolutely no doggy odor and are also fastidiously clean animals.

It's recommended they bathe only 2-3 times a year. Their fur is self cleaning with snow and mud simply flaking off. Another practical attribute of their unique soft fur is it's used to produce a fine, high quality wool ideal for knitting into sweaters, wraps, shawls and other comfortable clothing items.

Their miniature size, soft fluffy fur, extraordinary intelligence, and their marvelous non aggressive personalities, make the Japanese Spitz an excellent dog for the family. They are exceptionally patient and tolerant of babies, toddlers, seniors, and everyone else in between.

Apartment dwellers find Japanese Spitz ideal for small quarters as long as they're regularly taken for walks and occasional exercise. When left alone they make their own fun and playfully entertain themselves until their masters return.

Thank you for your interest in our family.
Should anyone require additional information about our dogs please email us anytime.


John Min-Kim
An HPS Member

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Anonymous said...

Dog shoot! What a great idea! Let us know when you plan the date and thanks for telling us about this wonderful breed I knew nothing about. For those who may not be able to make the session, perhaps we should open it up to bring in any dog images for a photo sharing at the following meeting.