Monday, January 12, 2009

Canon "L" Lens Photo Safari


Cora Hiranaka and Lou Tascott, of the Eye's of Hawaii photo club, and
Maureen Chun, Bob Trinka, and I, members of both the Eye's of Hawaii and the Hawaii photographic Society clubs, attended the Canon "L" lens workshop on Thursday and also signed up for the Canon Safari that was held on the next day.

Jennifer Wu and Jim Rose of Canon conducted the tour which took us to their special (secret) locations in a comfortable supervan. Beverages and a wealth of information on new and traditional photography techniques were shown and taught to the participants. I, for one, learned revolutionary new and unique tips, tricks, and secrets in composition, natural lighting, artificial lighting, shading, focusing, shutter speeds, f stops, and many more fascinating things that can be done to improve one's images.

The safari was conducted as professionally as ever with all events starting and ending at precise times. Jen and Jim were exceptionally patient, knowledgeable, and personable Canon representatives. The entire tour was performed on clockwork. Jen would welcome and even seek out individuals who seemed to be having problems understanding her techniques. Jim and Jen would be running all over making sure everyone was on the same page as the conducting instructor.

The entire day, from 10:00am to 7:00pm, was an enjoyable, informative, and pleasant experience for everyone. Ours was the only group in the class of sole individuals who didn't know each other. However, the conductors had the knack of making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. During the day I met almost all of the other participants who either approached me or me to them. It was a great day discussing something we're all interested in. The other participants were friendly photographers with all levels of expertise and backgrounds.

Canon had a variety of "L" lenses for all to try on their own cameras. Jim Rose, Canon's Professional Market Specialist, helped the people using the sample lens with the settings/subject/output, explained the features, and asked what the person was looking for in a lens as far as the purpose of a particular lens. He explained how some lens would be appropriate for landscape, portrait, nature, wildlife, and other specific subjects. Many of those who tried specific "L" lens were very impressed at the quality and results using Canon's "Luxury" lens. I learned things about my own "L" lens I never knew about prior to this event.

I learned that Canon was considering production of another quality level of lens superior to the "L" lens because of the enhanced versions of their full frame format cameras. Canon believes the "L" lens will not be able to perform in tandem with their pro and semi-pro level digital cameras. Troughout the day we picked up an abundance of Canon insider secrets and behind the scenes developments.

When we were dropped off Lou, Bob, and I agreed the safari was a wonderful experience and we all look forward to attending their next safari. I missed Maureen and Cora, but I'm sure they also had an enjoyable time and would sign on for the next event too.


John Min-Kim

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