Friday, January 23, 2009

KCSGallery Forum open to HPS Members

Aloha All, has helped us set up a new forum. The forum is broken into four areas: General Discussion, Applied Photography, Hawaii Photographic Society, and Moderators boards. You will have to register to have access to the boards to post messages. As a GUEST you will have limited access to areas open to ALL ONLY. Areas not open to all will not be seen by guest or member level.

The areas are broken into member groups so when you register please send an email to Willy Here letting me know what group you belong too. There are restricted areas for the Applied Photography and Hawaii Photographic Society as well as the Moderators area.

The reason for this is because certain areas are just for that specific group of individual group. I am also looking for moderators to help check the boards and make sure that nothing gets posted or stays posted which is inappropriate.

Together we can make this board useful to us all. I thought that commettee members and officers can hold discussions here to help on scheduling meetings problems. We can also set a chat room up if needed.

Categories and Boards
General Discussion - All boards open to all
General Discussions
Photography Events
General Outings
Looking For or For Sale
Applied Photography - All open except as noted
Applied Photography Class
Outings - Closed for all except Applied Members
General Discussions
Hawaii Photographic Society - Closed to HPS members only
General Discussions - Open to all HPS Members
Outings - Open to all HPS Members
Program Events - Open to all HPS Members
Officers - Open to HPS Officers only
Programs Committee - Open to HPS Officers and committee members
Outing Committee - Open to HPS Officers and committee members

Other boards will be created as the needs or suggestion arise.

Willy - Photographers resource site. - Upload, view, and share your photos. - Upload, view, share, and sell your photos.

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